Sonja Armisén has been dancing and teaching Tango since 1992 after having danced a lot of Salsa, Flamenco, Jazzdance and Freestyle previously.

After a soujourn of 1 year in Buenos Aires, where she took plenty of Tango dance and Tango singing classess, she opened  her own Tango school in Munich in1997.

During that following years she has been intensivly teaching the Tango and performed in several Tangoshows in Germany and Europe and was the Tango coach in some Films and

As she has always been a club dancer as well, in 1999 she  got the idea of mixing Tango with club sound, During the years 2004/2006 she produced 2 electronic Tango cds Tangofusionclub Volume 1 + 2

At the same time she opened the first Electrotangomilonga in some of the most well known electro music clubs of Munich, and had live gigs (vocals) and DJ jobs in clubs all over Europe. In the same period she created a new Tangostyle, the TangoFusion Dance. Her new dance and music style she promoted at several international Tangofestivals like
(Bologna, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Portland, Nijmegen, Lausanne etc.......)

Since 2014 she is also participating in the Tangodancetheater EL Tanguero

Her teaching is mainly based on giving the students the possibility to know better their body and music awareness, thus they can move nicely on the dancefloor without having to think to much on complicated figures.
A big emphasis she is also putting on the women´s part, as that is mainly not considered so important in Tango, but  for dancing nicely as a couple it needs also a good women power.